Who We Are


If you own a brick and mortar set up and you want to try your hand at an online set up, we are here for you. The internet has made huge strides in businesses across the world and people who were early risers and who have jumped on to the bandwagon of the internet stores have immensely succeeded in their endeavor.

You feel that you are left out?

Never mind the delay. If you have the passion today and just now to succeed and make a mark in e commerce today, we would love to hear from you! Are you overwhelmed with the process of opening an e store? Don’t be: is our advice. If you are not from the technical background or not too savvy about computers and do not yet know the power of the internet in boosting your sales, we will hold your hands and help you set up an online store; a store which is the exactly the way you always wanted!

Does the idea sound good to you?

If the idea of opening an online store sounds good to your ears, we advise you to immediately call us on the numbers given at the bottom of this page. Shooting an email can also help us know you better. We are quick to answer and reply all mails within a period of 24 hours. Our customer support will be glad to link you to us. We can walk you through the entire process of an online store: We take all initiative help you set up an e store. You will need to choose a template from the thousands that are available with us and that’s it! You are well on your way to inaugurating your own presence on the net!

We give you a unique 30 day trial offer:

Out offer is hard to e matched in the industry. If at the end of thirty days you are not happy with the format of your e store we will refund all your fees to you - no questions asked no liabilities will be raised! We care for your progress online and offline! We d love to say, “how do you do!” Call us now!